Hello, welcome to my blog! I am Priya, Creator & Editor of Magic of Indian Rasoi. I am passionate about cooking since early childhood and it makes me immensely happy when I see my family & friends smiling & enjoying food that I cook for them.

Magic of Indian Rasoi is my space to showcase my passion for food. My food philosophies - 'Make At Home' & 'Keep it Simple & Quick' are the guiding force behind recipes I try & share on my blog/channel. On my blog/channel you will find lots of regional recipes, especially Gujarati, Punjabi & Sindhi recipes. I have also recently developed a passion for baking, so lots of cakes, cookies and brownies will be regularly featured here.

I am perfectionist by nature, so the recipes that I share on my blog/channel has been tried a couple of times & I do measure all my ingredients to perfection (Yes, I do really mean 1 Tsp when I say 1 Tsp :), no false measurements). So, when you -  my readers/viewers try these recipes at home, all you should get from your family & friends is praises, appreciation & love!

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog & watching videos on my channel.